Wednesday, January 18, 2012

New Sermon Series: Where is God When It Hurts?

Beginning February 5 I will preach a ten-part sermon series, Where Is God When It Hurts? – The Problem of Evil and Suffering.  The messages (and the tough questions they will tackle) include:

Ø  If God Is Good, Why Do I Hurt? (What is the problem of evil?)
Ø  Trouble in Paradise (Where did evil come from?)
Ø  Why Is Life So Hard? (Why do I make so many bad choices… and is free will really free?)
Ø  Does God Play Favorites? (Why are some healed, but not all?)
Ø  Acts of God (How do I account for evil and suffering in nature?)
Ø  Good Grief / Bad Grief (What are healthy and unhealthy ways to grieve?)
Ø  The Suffering of the People of God (Why is it so hard to be a Christian?)
Ø  The Ulcer in the Belly of God (How can a loving God send people to hell?)
Ø  The Suffering God (Why did Jesus have to die?)
Ø  When Every Day Is Easter (Will it ever get better?)

These messages will tackle some of the most fundamental questions that have haunted the human race for millennia.  Most—perhaps all—are questions you have asked yourself.  Some are questions that you may be asking right now.  And you may be sure that these are questions that your friends, co-works, neighbors and extended family struggle with as well.  I encourage you to be at Rivermont Avenue Baptist Church for these messages and use the occasion to invite others who may be searching for answers to these ageless questions. 

Because of the strong emotions and additional questions that may be stirred by these sermons, beginning Sunday evening, February 12 at 5:00 PM, I will be leading a post-sermon debrief each week.  These sessions will vary but will include Q&A time and additional thoughts and reflections. 

Pastor Glen

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Troy Craig said...

Reading the sermon titles I can,t help but think of Dr. Cochran at SWBU